Online resources to help you plan your next trip.

From finding a job on the road, a campervan to hire, a campsite, caravan park or the best price for a bottle of gas this list is geared to help you out when you are on the road or are planning to get on the road.

Some of them are great for running questions by other travellers who have a lot of experience and are happy to answer any questions you may have and others will tee you up with the perfect outback farmstay.

Let me know if you have something you reckon should be added to the list ūüôā

This is websites and facebook groups only, check out handy apps for road tripping & camping for a list of apps.



Free Range Camping РFind free camps all over Australia. Free range Camping is a directory listing low cost camps, free camps, caravan parks and rest areas.



Hipcamp – Find campsites off the beaten track on private land. More affordable and more private. I love the sound of this! I’ve yet to try it out but have heard good things and plan to start checking out some properties on my next adventure. It is also a great way to support locals while you are traveling around. Check out some of the beautiful places available on their site, you’ll be amazed and what’s available.


Farm Army – A website aimed at linking skilled travellers with farms who need labour. It can be on a volunteer or paid basis and can also be in exchange for food and board. It’s also a great way to meet the locals and really get to know the places you pass through.


Workabout Australia ¬†– “Looking to work and travel around Australia at the same time? Workabout Australia has everything you need from Job Listings, Classifieds, Highlighted Locations as well as Deals and Discounts to help you on your way.”



Harvest Trail – “From grape harvesting in Berri, to mango picking in Darwin! … Harvest Trail links job seekers with harvest jobs Australia wide. It’s a great way for people to travel around Australia at their own pace while working and earning money.”


Camptoo – If you don’t have the van or caravan or camper yet but you want to get out there and have a crack then Camptoo could be the perfect thing for you. They hire out vehicles that are privately owned so you can dabble in life on the road without making a huge commitment. The old try before you buy!



Wandering Tribes Travelling Australia – This is a facebook group with a bit of a difference. If you are on the search for answers to specific questions related to travelling around in Australia then head over to their page and go to photo albums. Each album has been named and then has smaller headings within it in the form of photos which double as headings. Members then add info related to that specific topic in the comments. It’s a great way to stop you having to scroll through feed after feed in the search for something specific.


Camplify – Similar to Camptoo, a place to hire privately owned caravans or motorhomes. “Camplify¬†is Australia’s largest caravan hire and RV sharing community. We link¬†owners of caravans and RVs¬†together with holidaymakers¬†in a secure peer-to-peer sharing environment.”



Share a Camper – Hire out your camper or hire a privately owned one. They have campers available in all major Australian cities and locations in between.





Campsight – According to their website, campsight is the only campsite directory where you can view videos of a site before you decide if you like it. You can search by state and then also by regions within that state.



Expedition Australia – Tips about which way you should drive around Australia, how to keep the dust out of your 4WD, what tire pressure you need, how to do the trip with kids and so much more. If you have a question, they probably have a useful answer for you. A great source of practical advice for anyone who wants to hit the road.


Station Hoppers – A station and outback camping list. “These stations have the most breathtaking campsites, amazing fishing spots and stunning waterfalls that you just don‚Äôt see in the brochures or from a Caravan¬†Park.” You have to become a member (which is free) to get access to this info but I reckon it is totally worth doing for such a great resource.


Travelling Australia with Kids (TAWK) Facebook Page – “A page for people Travelling Australia With Kids and a community to ‘TAWK’ about it. Sharing and Helping each other.” I love this page, it is an absolute goldmine of useful info and the families on there are super willing to help out with answering any questions you may have. I also just purchased a TAWK membership card which helps you to get better deals on camping around Australia. Check the TAWK website out for more info.


Families On The Road – Travelling Australia Facebook group –¬†“A group for Aussies to share the enjoyment of travelling Australia, for Aussie travelling families to chat and share ideas, stories and have a little banter amongst other traveling families.”¬†¬†Another group along the lines of the TAWK page, a whole lot of families with a whole lot of experience sharing their stories and expertise with each other. This is a great place to get questions answered about budgets, van layouts, great spots to visit and all sorts of other super useful stuff.


Country Pub Camping – A place to find pubs that have camping available to to read reviews from other users. As stated on the page description –¬†¬†“There are hundreds of Aussie pubs that have nearby camping facilities. Some of my best camping experiences have come from these, and it supports the local economy. This is the place to name your favourite, and tell the group what your experience was like.”¬†


Farmstay Australia – Australia’s number one farmstay and stationstay directory.¬†“Whether you are looking for luxury and pampering, or a tranquil spot to relax underneath the night sky, you‚Äôll find farm and stationstays in every state that cater to any need.”


Findacamp – “The aim of this site is to provide a resource for people who like to experience the Australian bush by immersing themselves in nature. It is based mostly on my own travels around Australia over the last 20 or so years. Wherever possible, I have included photos and descriptions of the camp sites, as well as links to the park (National Park, State Forest etc) that they are in.”


Ellaslist – Find playgrounds, events near you, play centres, farmstays and all sorts of other stuff to help you keep kids entertained in Sydney and Melbourne.




Gas Bottle Refills – A website to help you source the cheapest gas bottle swaps and refills all over Australia.




Trip In A Van (TIAV) – This family have been out there doing it for real with their three kids for years now. You can follow them on Facebook, Instagram or just trawl through their blog. It is full of useful info and as they have been at it for so long the amount of content is staggering. If you search for what you are after on their blog you will probably find something that is going to answer your question.


The Blonde Nomads – This is another family who have recently sold up and gone on the road permanently. They have two kids and you can follow them on Facebook, Instagram or their blog. Nothing quite like watching someone else do it to figure out what you need to know before you go.


Caravan And Camping Hire – A peer to peer hire company renting out privately owned caravans, campervans and motorhomes. A great place to try the vehicle of your choice out on a real trip before you run out and by one, or, if you have one in your garage, a place to make a bit of cash by hiring it out.


Campstay – “Plan your next camping or caravanning adventure with Campstay ‚Äď Australia‚Äôs favourite caravan park and campground booking site. Explore thousands of destinations and compare hundreds of holiday parks. You‚Äôll find the perfect powered site, cabin or glamping tent for your next holiday.”¬†


Jobs For Families Travelling Australia – A Facebook group to help families travelling Australia find employment.




Caravan Overnight Farmstay – “We provide a user-friendly website that allows self-contained travellers to connect with farmers and pastoralists¬†in their area who have registered to allow overnight caravan accommodation.¬†This is for the sole purpose of parking your vehicle and caravan somewhere safe while you are tired so that you can get some sleep safely.”


Farmsitters – “Connecting property owners with experienced, reliable short term help.” A great way for experienced travellers to find work while out exploring the country.


Check out Handy apps for road tripping & camping for a list of apps to make your life easier while you are on the road.

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