Aussie Travel blogs, there’s a lot of them. So, here’s what I’m gonna do…


I’m going to list all the the blogs I personally found myself heading to when I was after specific info.


I’ll let you know what sort of info I found most useful from each one.  Then I’ll pop the links to each in here so you can go check them out.

They all have a wealth of info about all sorts of topics and not just the ones I mention. But I wanted to tell you how each helped me specifically.


Once I finish listing my faves, I’m going to send you in the direction of other posts by other bloggers on this same topic.


So, without further ado, and in no specific order…


Ben & Michelle

The Pinterest masters. Also great gear ideas for your trip.

These guys were all over Pinterest when I was starting out and they’ve continued to grow and grow in that area.

I’ve been paying close attention to what they are doing and trying to emulate that. Not quite as successfully though!

I was recently reading their 12 volt dc Appliances for the Kitchen post. I’m hoping to jam a few luxury items into the Patriot.



The Blonde Nomads

Photography tips was the biggy for me with these guys.

Also great ideas of different ways to do full time travel with little kids.

Check out The One Handed Photographer – 8 tips on how to take good photos when traveling with kids.



Trip In A Van

Help deciding on what set up to take and different gear to add to my wish list.

These guys also have loads of awesome videos covering everything you’d ever need to know before you go.

I watched this video a lot while trying to decide on which set up we wanted. How do we live in our tiny home?? A rundown of our full time travelling set up.



A Big Peachy Adventure

Tips on towing and weights and an awesome Family Travel podcast.

These guys were the first people to be able to explain towing weights and all that stuff in a way that my poor old brain actually understood.

This article is gold – How to Work Out Caravan Towing Weights (A simple explanation)



Websites In A Van

These guys have done an awesome list of Australian travel blogs to follow.

Check out The Best Blogs On Traveling Around Australia In 2019.

I also trawl their website for ideas on how I want mine to look. Perhaps I  just need to get in touch and pay them to make mine look as flash as theirs!

Check out what they do as far as website development goes by clicking here.



Caravanning & Camping With Kids

Great products for the traveling life and free printables.

I discovered them after going on the hunt for this pegless clothesline that I’d heard so much about.

They are also super willing to answer questions about affiliate links and the possibility of getting involved in their affiliate program.



Four Hands In a Tin Can

An awesome resource for anyone road schooling or planning on road schooling (that would be me).

Check out these Road Schooling posts.

They are also always super supportive of other travel blogs and were very welcoming to me when I first started out.



The Great Escape Australia

I went to these guys for videos and for inspo when I was making the decision to change from a campervan to a camper trailer.

This post about  12v FANS is great.

It made my day when I stumbled across it as I’ve already got the fans and LOVE them but now I know how I’m going to attach them to the Patriot.



My Rig Adventures

These guys do great gear reviews, check some out here.

I’ve also been reading this post lately, (Travelling Australia with bikes – Is it worth it?) while trying to decide if it’s worth trying to fit four bikes into our set up.



Traveling Australia With Kids (TAWK)

The TAWK Facebook page was an absolute saviour for me when I was trying to hunt down certain ideas about set up or places to stop.

Discounted stays with the TAWK card is a great idea and will get you discounts at certain parks.



Coasting Australia

Great for tips on how to get your blog doing what it should. These guys have a course available for anyone who is wanting to start a blog, check it out here – Start Your Family Travel Blog Here.

I’ve been reading this post of their lately in prep for our lap – House Sitting Top Tips: Expert Advice From Experienced Sitters.


I have this terrible niggling feeling that I’ve forgotten some of you, I just bloody know it! So, please don’t take offence, I’ll keep adding as I remember 🙂


Now, here are some posts by other bloggers with lists of their favourite Aussie travel blogs to follow. Click on the image to go straight to each post…



If you have a post that you reckon needs to be added to this list let me know.

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