Ok, the first thing I’m gonna say is this… You will not find any “healthy energy balls” on this list. Or bites or bursts or anything that contains the word energy. When I went searching for road trip snack ideas I found so many of these it was crazy. And it makes no sense!

Because, really, I mean seriously, what lunatic wants to give their kid an energy ball while they are contained in a small space which is sealed and in motion? Energy for what?

Anyways, now that we have that outta the way we can move on to the

Oh, hang on a minute! One more thing….

While I understand that there are a bunch of things you can cook before you leave, I won’t be including those either. Because I just know I won’t bloody do it. I’ll say I will, but I won’t.

So, lets get to the healthy (ish) minimal prep options shall we? 😉




You can buy packs of single serve popcorn from Coles with ten small packets per bag. Just make sure that you don’t get the honey coated or sweet version as you don’t wanna be dealing with a sugar high.

I get them from Coles, check them out here.



Cut fruit

I cut up a bunch of fruit before we leave and pop it in a plastic container, one for each kid. That way they can sit with it on their lap and eat it while we drive.

Just make sure you cut your grapes in half as grape eating and motion probably aren’t too good safety wise.



You can get little boxes of sultanas at the supermarket, I tend to go for the organic version. Check out the ones I get here.

Just keep in mind that you will get a bit of a sugar high with this so time it wisely. At least it’s natural though, that’s my reasoning anyways!



Peanut butter sandwiches are a big one for us as they love them and they also last a long time without having to be kept cool. Promite and Vegemite is also a bit of a hit.

I just wrap them in wax wraps (like these ones from Beeswax Wraps Australia) and rinse the wrap off with cold water and store it once they are finished.


Yogurt Squeezy

You can buy those reusable squeezies these days that you can fill up with whatever you like and then wash and reuse.

I should use these, but I don’t because I got a bit slack, I’ll have to up my game. In the meantime I found these Farmers Union greek yogurt squeezies at the supermarket that have no added fruit or sugar so I keep some of them on hand if I have an esky or the van fridge available.



Dried fruit

There are a few different options here, I get ours from the organic farmers market up the road.

You can also get it online from places like Gin Gin & Dry in Australia. The cool thing is that you can order it in sort of bulk amounts as it lasts and isn’t going to go bad before you use it.



Whole Baby Cucumbers

These are my current favourite. The kids smash them, weirdly as they don’t really eat slices of normal sized cucumber.

I get these little ones from Woolworths, they come in punters of about 8 cucumbers each, check them out here.



Carrot & Celery Sticks

These last ages and take ages to eat so they are always a winner.

If you wrap them in a damp paper towel before you put them in a ziplock bag or container then they won’t go brown or a floppy.



Easy, high in protein, low in sugar and usually a winner with most kids, these are our go to’s.

I make nut mixes, without the dried fruit, and pop them in little Tupperware containers, one for each kid.

Or, if I’m in a rush and haven’t got it together to do that then I grab the little snack packs of Lucky nuts from Woolworths. Check them out here.


Cheese  Sticks

Another one that is great if you have access to an esky. In saying that, they last quite a while at room temp too so if you’re not driving for ages they do the trick.

I usually get the Bega brand ones from Coles, check them out here. There are a few different types available though.



If you can track down a sugar and additive free version then jerky is perfect.

Just make sure you read the ingredients as some of the mainstream stuff you find in the has a heap of rubbish in it.

Wildearth.com.au have a Paleo Hero jerky available online with no junk in it, you can order it online here.




Blueberries. I’ve yet to meet a kid who isn’t obsessed with them. Bloody expensive out of season but perfect when they are in season and a bit more affordable.



Cooked Ravioli

I get the packets of Latina Fresh kids ravioli and precook it (it only takes 5 minutes and is the only prep I ever really get around to doing.)

My two will happily eat it cold from a container on their lap. I get the cheese and vegetables version so I don’t have meat sitting at room temp for too long. Check it out at Woolworths here.



Snow Peas

A big winner here. Easy to eat, they don’t make a mess and you are sorting out a couple of serves of veggies while you are on the go.

They last ages out of the fridge and fend off any parental guilt you have about not feeding the kids enough fresh food while you are on the road.




As I mentioned above, I cut them in half when we are driving just to be extra safe. I figure a grape in the mouth and the need to hit the brakes unexpectedly could spell disaster.



Corn On The Cob

I actually throw this in the pot when I’m doing the ravioli I mentioned above. They are both done in 5 minutes and the kids love a bit of cold sweet corn on the road.




A good low sugar option. They do usually put some sort of glucose or corn syrup or something in them though so don’t be fooled into thinking they are a great healthy option. I just keep that in mind and don’t go too nuts with them.

They are always a bit of a treat for my two and they take a while to eat so they buy some peaceful time in the car. Plus no crazy energy hit afterwards.




These don’t really do it for me but the kids love them and they take ages to eat so they create a nice lengthy silence too. They are the same as the ones you get bowls at the sushi train.

You can get these Bell Farms ones from Woolworths, check them out here.




Man, this stuff brings back memories of road trips as a kid! It can be a little spicy so just watch watch what type you get but it is an old fave in our family.

You can get this Majans Bhuja Mix at Woolworths, check it out here.



Rice Wheels

These are another good option that come in smaller snack sized packs which make things easier. I get these Healtheries Kidscare chicken flavour ones from Woolworths. Check them out here.

Again, not super crazy healthy but better than lollies and your standard servo style packets of chips.



While my two are way past the age for these they still love them and think it’s a bit of a treat. I don’t get the fruity or chocolaty or breakfasty ones as they are pretty sweet.

My go to is the Rafferty’s Garden Apricot Chicken, while it’s been heat treated to the point where it is probably nutrition neutral, at least it doesn’t have any junk in it.

Here’s the ingredients – “Cooking Water 18% Potato 13% Carrot 11% Rice 9% Apricot 9% Chicken Onion Olive Oil Oregano.”


Whole Apples

Doesn’t mess the car up, takes ages to eat, doesn’t require any prep and can be picked up from most servos these days for a buck. Winning.



Green Beans

Another simple, whole, cheap, fresh easy to eat vegetable that lasts a while in the car. Can’t go wrong.

I just give them a really good wash and top and tail them before popping them in a Tupperware container for the kids to pick at. Same goes as with carrots, if you want them to stay fresh for ages chuck a damp paper towel in. the container with them.


Baked Snow Peas

These are a massive hit with my two and also come in small snack sized bags.

I get these Harvets Snaps lightly salted ones from the supermarket, check them out here.


Well, I hope that gave you some ideas for things to chuck on the shopping list. As always, I’m all ears when it comes to hearing what your fave road trip snacks are so let me know in the comments below.

Wondering what to feed them once you arrive at your destination? Check out quick and easy camping meals for kids for some ideas.


Lily x


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