Ok, admit it, you all wanna know the horror stories! Haha, I know I do when I ask people about travelling with little kids.

Everyone knows about the good bits, like meeting new people, seeing new places, spending quality time as a family and all that, but which bits suck a little bit?

Well, here goes…



Rain, and all it entails… Mud, stir craziness, wet towels, sprints to the toilet, and more mud.

In fact, it was rain that preceded my fall off the no screens wagon. I fell with gusto.

Two toddlers, one small van, imminent mental breakdown and then, bam! Playschool. It saved my life. And theirs too probably.

Carseats. Bloody carseats. They have to come out every time I set up my bed and then go back in every time I have to drive somewhere. Very painful.

Not being able to do washing very often. Especially when one or more kids are toilet training.

And, yes, I could do it by hand but I don’t. Unless I’m a special kind of desperate. Which is not often.

Not being able to pass them things while I’m driving. Torture.

I used to have a tub of snacks on the passenger seat and just passed things back when someone cracked it.

Now they are about five km behind me at the back of the long wheel base van and I can either throw things back there (it’s gone badly in the past) or try and teach the benefits of delayed gratification while trying to find somewhere to stop where I’m not going to get cleaned up by a semi trailer.

Day sleep fails. At home I get a good few hours to stare at the wall every day while both kids sleep but it’s a bit hit and miss when we are on the road.

It doesn’t really count when I’m driving because it turns out  that tuning out to the extent I’m used to while they sleep and driving is not such a good mix.

Not being able to park in undercover carparks. Picture this… It’s pissing down. You need groceries. You have to park half a km from the supermarket.

You can either a) try and sprint from the van to the shops while carrying both kids and your wallet and keys or b) hold their hands and scream at them to run faster while travelling at a freaking snails’ pace and getting soaked.

But, it doesn’t end there. You’ve got the shopping, now you need a trolley to get it to the van.

You can’t hold the hands of both kids while pushing the trolley so you chuck them in it with the shopping. Then you have a crack at pushing all 500kg of trolley and kids through the gravel, up the hill, round the corner and over the gutter to get back to van.

Meanwhile they have taken a bite out of every piece of fruit within reach and used the loaf of bread as a cushion cos the wire is “hurting their bum”. Oh, and it’s still pissing down.

And finally, showers. Having them with two small humans at your feet. Having them cold with two small humans at your feet. Trying to get dressed without dragging your trackies in the mud on the floor with two small humans at your feet.

Same goes for toilet trips. We won’t go there.


But, the truth is, I love it. They love it. We all survive.

And, it’s more fun dealing with the chaos listed above than waking up 365 times a year and trying to decide what to do with the kids today.

I reckon anyways. Most of the time…

So just do it, it’s great 🙂


Lily x


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