Easy outdoor activities for young kids that are perfect for camping and don’t require lugging a whole lot of gear with you every time you get on the road.

There are a whole lot of fantastic nature play and outdoor activities out there, you just need to jump on Pinterest to be bombarded with a million awesome ideas.

I wanted to narrow it down a bit though, for purely selfish reasons. I don’t want to have to cart stuff around!

So, I got to searching for cool stuff to do with the kids when we are outside or camping that doesn’t need a whole heap of supplies to put into action.

Now, I can’t claim any of these ideas, they are from all over the internet by all sorts of clever people.

So what I’m gonna do is give you a brief run down about what I like about each activity and then leave you with a link so you can go and check out the full run down on how to do it by the person who’s brainchild it was 🙂



Nature Wands by Laughing Kids Learn

There’s a couple of things I love about this idea…

Firstly, the kids really don’t need much help to do it so it buys me some time to do other things while they play.

It also takes very little equipment which means I’m not trying to fit a bunch of craft stuff in the van every time we head off.

It’s also cool because it is interesting for a wide range of ages, each child can make it as simple or as complicated as they want.




Chalk Activities by What Moms Love

If you’re anything like me you are thinking chalk is chalk right, I mean you draw with it, the end. Apparently not, lol, cos there are some great ideas in here that I hadn’t thought of!

Seriously, head over and have a look because there are enough ideas in here to keep the kids in chalk heaven for a week.

I love chalk, it’s cheap, packs down small, is easy to clean and doesn’t create any waste so it’s an absolute win when camping.

Are there going to be sidewalks all over your campsite, maybe not, but if you land yourself in a caravan park, a holiday house or a mates place there probably will be and you’ll be loving the chalk.




Coloured Sand by Diana Rambles

This just ups the anti on beach play and I’m thinking it might get another hour or so at least out of an afternoon on the shore.

Plus, it just looks really bloody cool! I had a moment wondering how it went environmentally but we eat food colouring so I’m thinking it’s totally fine.

Also, how about the photo opportunities!!

I know, I know, the Instagrammer in me just showed 😉




Scavenger Hunt by Lindsey Blogs

I love this and have used this print out a few times. It’s awesome as the pictures make it easy for the littles who can’t read yet to find things on the list.

It’s also really easy to print out a few copies before we leave home and just slot them into the story books that I take along anyway so they aren’t adding any extra clutter to the van on a road trip.

The other thing is the stuff on the list is pretty generic and is actually findable almost anywhere.

Use this link to head over to Lindsey Blogs to download the free printable.



Leaf Threading by Kids Craft Room

This is really cool for preschoolers, my two loved it but I reckon with a bit of help it’s a cool activity for toddlers too.

It’s cheap, requires hardly any gear and is awesome for when you are bushwalking as it keeps their minds off the fact that they are walking.

It’s also another one that doesn’t create a heap of waste that I then have to lug around in the van for a week.




Leaf And Bark Rubbing By Momgineer

I remember doing leaf rubbing in preschool and thinking it was fabulous.

To be honest, I still get a bit of a kick out of it now, it’s one of those kids crafts that I’m actually pretty willing to participate in for longer than two minutes.

You can science this up a bit for the older kids which is what Momgineer does. Head over and have a look.




Nature Weaving By Little Pine Learners

This is cool and I’ve never seen it or done it before stumbling across it on Pinterest.

Again, it’s a winner for me as it uses stuff I already carry when we are on the road.

It’s easy enough for young kids to do it without too much assistance and it doesn’t really matter what sort of environment you are in, you’re going to be able to find stuff to use.

Sticks and seaweed on the beach, leaves at the park, flowers in your yard etc. You can even turn collecting rubbish on the beach into an artwork with this idea.



When it comes to the gear I do take along I’ve got it down to a pretty tidy amount, have a look at road trip & camping toys that don’t take up too much space to check it out.

Well, there you go, have fun out there you lot!

Lily x

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